CD „Spiritdance Drumming“


CD - SpiritdanceDrumming
„ The Drum is a great gift. It brings us immediately in a direct contact and expression of our energy. It is the pulse of life that begins already nine month before our birth. It is the rhythmic and joyous flow of life power that flows through and supports us every moment of our lives. The drum is the most direct connection to our own energy and the energies of the Earth. It has magical powers. It calls and awakens the body to movement and dance. It heals our wounds and sorrows and leads us back into unity with the cosmos and the Spirit. It is the fundamental and primal power that rises up from the Earth and which we send back and return to the Sky. It carries us beyond the narrow boundaries of our “self” and into ecstasy and trance. It changes our consciousness.” T.E.

Hier der Text aus dem Booklet:

The rhythms in this CD are mostly simple patterns for listening, playing together with or dancing. Their main purpose is to focus our energies and carry us to the Spirit. And for this, there is no need for complexity. More important is the „tone” of the drum, its voices, the melodies it makes and also, of course, the energy and intention of the drummers and dancers. This music may be heard on many different levels, but there is always the joy and power of „being” in the beat.

EARTH PULSE (3/4) A powerful and rhythmic piece deeply rooted in the Earth. There are two heavy, strong beats and one light or „empty” beat. As in all the pieces on this CD the basic rhythmic pattern continues through the whole piece, the variations coming from different tones and melodies, as well as in subtle solos.

SPIRIT VOICES (7/8) This is the only complex rhythm, a pattern of seven beats divided into 3+2+2. Seven is an unusual rhythm in the West as most rhythms are multiples of two or three. After the basic rhythm has been well established, another rhythm enters in three beats. The different voices of the drums, bell and rattles unite and combine to create an „atmosphere” as well as actual sounds in which „other voices” – spirit voices – join together with us. In this piece the tones, voices and melodies of the drums can be clearly heard.

VISION QUEST (4/4) A hypnotic piece based on the repetition of a simple and very ancient rhythm. The different sounds – balaphon, rainmaker, Tibetan bowls and bells – come and go, but the rhythm played by the djembes and droma remains as the main focus; the quest for a vision.

DESERT TRANCE (6/8, 3/4) Drums, berimbau, bells, rattles, voice and hand clapping. This rhythm has been used in cultures all over the world for going into trance. One reason for this is that in six beats the rhythm can be heard and experienced either as two groups of three or three groups of two beats. When both groupings are played together, a third pattern emerges, the resultant pattern, which can be heard in the hand clapping. Music, and especially drumming has often been used and treasured for its ability to carry the consciousness of the participants and listeners to a state other than the so called „normal” waking state.

WELCOME DANCE (4/4) Part of a long performance meant for dancing or playing together with. It is based on a simple pattern of four beats. The „welcome” is for all the drummers, dancers, participants and listeners, for the space in which we play and for the spirits (subtle higher energy forms) to come and join us.

SPIRIT DANCE DRUMMING (6/8) A piece for trance, for drumming, dancing or listening! The basic rhythm is similar to the fourth piece (Desert Trance), but the treatment and effect is very different. This is due mainly to the solos which double (playing twice as fast) and occasionally overlap the main pattern. As always when we play this piece, one of the group goes in to dance.